Modulus has a ‘kit of parts’

Modulous has designed a kit of parts and identified a preferred supplier network for the offsite production of housing units.

“With a nationwide shortage of more than five million homes, there has never been a greater need to accelerate housing development in the US,” said Modulous co-founder and CEO Chris Bone. “What makes Modulous unique is our asset-light approach. Avoiding capital-intensive factories, we instead focus on empowering developers, architects, and contractors with the information, products, and processes to do their jobs better. We give them real-time access to the data, building components, and service providers they need to develop high-quality housing at the speed and scale that society requires.”

Modulous in the US is led by four women who were all senior staff at Katerra, an offsite construction firm. Overseeing the US team is Janet Stephenson, former head of building platform sales at Katerra.

“Modulous was founded on the belief that everyone should have access to sustainable, comfortable, and healthy homes,” said Janet Stephenson. “I see a unique opportunity to leverage our technology and world-class supplier network to break the logjam in US housing production. Rather than introducing another construction input that cannot scale, we will use our platform to align incentives in the ecosystem, accelerate sustainable development, and reduce the pricing pressure on homeowners and renters.” 

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