The Law Society of B.C. is seeking to stop a Kelowna man from allegedly continuing to engage in the unauthorized practise of law.

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The Law Society of B.C. wants to block a Kelowna man, who has claimed that he has a “certified genius-level IQ,” from continuing to engage in the alleged unlicensed practice of law and from operating a website offering legal services.

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A petition filed in B.C. Supreme Court says that the Law Society, which regulates the province’s lawyers, received several complaints that Scott McCluskey was holding himself out as a lawyer while not being registered with the society.

It’s alleged that McCluskey sent an email to a lawyer for a credit union, a party to a proceeding in which McCluskey had a financial interest, demanding that the proceeding be settled out of court and stating that he’d never lost a single criminal, civil or constitutional law case in 25 years, “or ever”.

Between April 12 and May 9, McCluskey allegedly corresponded with a general contractor to retain him for a home inspection, telling him he was a lawyer for 30 years, but following a breakdown of dealings, McCluskey allegedly sent several texts threatening legal action for failure to undertake the work.

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In April, McCluskey allegedly was thrown out of a bar in Port McNeill after he refused to wear a mask, claiming that he had a medical exemption for the COVID-19 public-health orders. An affidavit from the bar owner says that McCluskey told his staff that he was a lawyer, had threatened legal action, and was intimidating and aggressive.

The Law Society says that McCluskey is not and never has been registered as a lawyer in B.C.

The website Optik Law claims that McCluskey is a Harvard graduate and is their “resident expert” in Canadian constitutional law and civil litigation law.

After receiving a message from the Law Society requiring him to stop telling people he was a lawyer and to shut down the website, McCluskey said in response, “F–k off. Freedom of speech.”

McCluskey also claimed that he had a “certified genius-level IQ” but admitted he was not and had never been a member of the Law Society.

There has been no response yet to the petition, which contains allegations not yet tested in court. McCluskey could not be reached for comment.


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