Rosie Ritchie

Rosie Ritchie has been promoted to work in a full-time industrial relations role within the human resources (HR) division of SNIOEF increase support to its member companies.

Rosie Ritchie will work with SNIPEF industrial relations manager Stephanie Lowe helping companies on a wide range of industrial relations issues, meeting a demand that has increased exponentially since the start of the pandemic, the federation said.

“The terms and conditions of employment are very complex in modern industrial relationships and, by working together, we can guide employers on how not only to get the best out of their employees but also how they can attract new people into business,” Rosie Ritchie said.

She joined SNIPEF in 2017, as an administrator with the Scottish and Northern Ireland Joint Industry Board (SNIJIB) which is made up of members of SNIPEF and Unite the Union. She completed a number of Advisory, Conciliation & Arbitration Service (ACAS) training courses and gained a Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Level 5 Diploma in HR Management.

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