Kramer’s Smart Attach quick hitch

Kramer’s new quick hitch is an enhancement of its established quick change plate system, which has been a standard piece of equipment for its wheeled loaders since 1963.

According to the manufacturer, the new Smart Attach system promises ‘greater productivity, efficiency and safety’. The dimensions are unchanged, so existing attachments can continue to be used.

Connection with the hydraulic circuit is automatic, so hydraulically driven attachments can be coupled with the new system without leaving the cab. The attachment is locked and hydraulically coupled, with automatic pressure release, by the touch of a button with a secure two-hand operation. With the coupling unit’s integrated locking display (green), the operator can always see that the attachment is securely attached to the machine.

Attachments without the hydraulic function and attachments with the conventional hydraulic coupling system can still be used. Customers also have the option of retrofitting older attachments or using new attachments that are customised ex-works to the Smart Attach quick hitch system, with the old quick change plate. Kramer says that this flexible solution is unique in the market.

The patented system with floating coupling storage also ensures that there is no wear on the quick coupler, Kramer says.

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