Vaccine passports should be considered

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With the Delta variant much in the news, maybe it’s time this be considered; European governments are moving toward requiring proof of vaccinations to be able to go to restaurants, hotels, movie theatres, and travel on public transportation. The anti-vaxxers have no
consideration for the rest of us, so we need to limit their expose to us. Alternatively, bring back the mask requirement for all indoors activities. Most people seem to be doing this now, so the political fallout should be minor.

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And the rich countries of the world should get their act together and speed up the flow of vaccines to the poorest.

Bill Richardson, West Vancouver

It would be so much better for the common good if those anti-mask, anti-vax, anti-COVID passport people made an effort to get their neuronal ducks in order and tried rational, logical, and objective modes of reasoning instead of the irrational, illogical, and self-centred thought processes they are stuck in.

“I don’t like the government telling me what to do,” explained one such person in a news interview. Well Sparky, you can’t drive without a licence and insurance, or dump your garbage willy-nilly on the streets, or do target practice in your backyard with your rifle in a crowded suburban neighbourhood, or run naked through downtown streets, or drive at 140 kph through school zones, or ignore building codes, or not pay sales taxes or your income taxes, or walk out of a store with an arm full of groceries without paying, or purposely light a dry forest on fire, or fly an airplane without proper certification — just to name a few of the plethora of things the government does not let you do.

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Irrational people who are incapable of making objective, reasoned decisions about what is best for both society and themselves are one of the reasons that our hospitals are filled to capacity, health -care workers are exhausted and increasingly suffering the consequences of working so hard to help sick and dying patients, and the pandemic continues to spread in various places. As a former teacher, I would like to believe that everyone is capable of learning and changing their points-of-view, but unfortunately comedian George Carlin might have been right when he said that in relation to some people, “There is no cure for stupid.” And if you have ever tried reasoning with an intransigent anti-vaxxer, you will understand how right he was.

Ray Arnold, Richmond

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