The energy island will transmit energy from North Sea offshore wind farms with a initital capacity of 3GW and the option of expansion to 10GW at a later stage.

Sweco’s contract for the project will run for four years and has a value of approximately €6.7m (£5.75m).

It is a year since a broad majority in the Danish Parliament signed a climate agreement for energy and industry, which means, among other things, that Denmark will establish an energy island. On 4th February this year, it was decided that the energy island should be established in the North Sea.

“In constructing the energy island, the Danish Energy Agency is facing a very exciting but also very complex task,” said Mads Krogh, head of program for energy islands at the Danish Energy Agency. “In this context, we need specialised technical assistance, for example to establish functional requirements for the North Sea energy island. After an open invitation to tender for the role of adviser, the task was awarded to Sweco. We are looking forward to this collaboration.”

Jes Hansen, divisional director of infrastructure, water and environment at Sweco in Denmark, said: “The energy island will form the basis for new green business activity in Denmark and will be a major contribution in the transition to green energy, both in Denmark and Europe, and hopefully an inspiration to the rest of the world.”

Fugro is carrying out marine surveying for the project.

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