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There are many different types of burgers, and many different ways to do them. One process that seems to have exploded in popularity over the last few years is the smash burger.

A smash burger is doing just that. Smashing the patty down into a screaming hot pan so that the thin meat can cook and brown. There’s a reason it’s so popular — it’s delicious.

Many burgers joints have introduced this method, and one recently opened Vancouver spot is making smashing burgers with quality grass-fed BC beef and locally-sourced ingredients.

Bodhi Valentine opened his Burgerland Smash Up Commissary in early May and he hasn’t looked back.

Vancity has been supporting people in our communities since 1946, like local food creators. As part of our Made in Vancouver series spotlighting local businesses, we talked to Bodhi Valentine about the recent launch of his popular new burger commissary.

“After being laid of in November due to COVID impacts on business, I decided to follow my lifelong obsession for burgers and invest in myself, developing a unique business model designed to help fellow burger lovers get their hands and mouths on the best grass-fed, organic ground BC beef and premium fixins while learning how quick, easy, and fun it is to ‘Smash Up’ iconic smashburger recipes for themselves all while reducing the ecological footprint of our operations,” Valentine told Daily Hive, speaking about where the initial inspiration came from to open his business.

“My hope is to inspire others to create fun cooking experiences and lasting memories they could share with friends, family, and co-workers whether at home, camping, the beach, tailgating or on Zoom!” he added.

What’s unique about Valentine’s business is the interactive aspect of it. These are do-it-yourself smash burger kits, so essentially what makes a smash burger a smash burger is up to you. Ordering these kits couldn’t be safer or easier.

People can place their online order for one of our rotating selection of Smashburger Kits and then schedule their preferred pickup day and time (Tues-Fri 3pm -9pm, Sat & Sun 11am -9pm),” said Valentine.

To get the everything they need to make the freshest, most delicious smashburgers from the comfort of their own homes,” Valentine said, speaking to the reasons why customers go to him for their burger needs.

The ingredients included in these DIY smash burger kits are perfectly portioned, and all of them sourced from BC producers. Making burgers at home has never been easier or more delicious, and supporting local is so important, especially right now.

Starting a business is always a risk, especially during a global pandemic, and Valentine feels that challenge every day. He has been “bootstrapping this new burger startup without any other source of income,” he said.

Visit Burgerland Smash Up the next time you’re craving a burger.

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