Reader saddened, disgusted, and traumatized by terrorist attack in Ontario

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Re: ‘Dark day:‘ Police say five pedestrians run down in London, Ont., targeted as Muslims

Canada, the country that is supposed to be the poster child for multiculturalism, and free of racism and bigotry. Unfortunately, that standard was not upheld in London, Ont. As a young Muslim adult, I am saddened, disgusted, and traumatized by the Islamophobic-fuelled terrorist attack that took the lives of four innocent Muslim civilians.

As a country that is home to more than one million Muslims, any acts of Islamophobia must be eradicated and stifled before more innocent lives are taken. What pains me more is that the perpetrator of this cowardly attack was a 20-year-old male. As a 21-year-old myself, I always assumed that our generation would be the one to tear down the roots of bigotry and xenophobia. Unfortunately, it seems that is not the case.

As a young Canadian, I can only hope and pray that these events will encourage Canadians to recognize Islamophobia and all types of xenophobia and stop it in its tracks. No amount of words will bring justice to the family of these innocent victims. We must take collective action and preserve the beauty of multiculturalism in Canada. Hate must never overshadow love.

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Kunwar Karim, Alliston, Ont.

Re: Vancouver must block HandyDART screening … again

My wife has been a HandyDART user for over 15 years. Letters like those from Beth McKellar lead the general public to believe it is something less than what is. It’s a door-to-door service for people with disabilities and their attendants. For those travelling alone, the driver will assist the rider to and from their door. They have special drop-down stairs for those who walk with or without mobility aids. For those in wheelchairs or scooters, they have a ramp. For safety, all seats have seatbelts, and the scooters and wheelchairs are strapped down.

What it is not is a taxi service, although taxis are used if a bus is not available for a booked passenger. The price is the same as the bus. But you can’t call after 4 p.m. the day before to book a guaranteed ride. And Travel Training is for those who choose to use the regular bus service. Nor are they obliged to provide mobility aids to those who need them. There are various charitable organizations that will do that.

Ms. McKellar of the HandyDART Riders Alliance makes it sound like HandyDART’s objective with their standard medical questionnaire is to save money. What they are trying to do is ensure there are sufficient buses for those who truly need them.

Bill Richardson, West Vancouver

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