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Even when we are working from home, it can be tricky to grab a decent breakfast.

Many people still wait too long into the day before they eat anything, and even when they do, it might not taste great, be convenient to prepare, or be a healthy option. Over the past year, one company has been making waves in Vancouver and has quickly become a household name, especially to those who prioritize health.

In October 2020, Chara and Vanessa Krangle launched Oat of the Ordinary — a nutrient dense breakfast that hails itself as never compromising or sacrificing health standards or taste for those who have a busy lifestyle.

Vancity has been supporting people in our communities since 1946, like local food creators. As part of our Made in Vancouver series spotlighting local businesses and artists, we talked to Chara Marie Krangle, about creating a product that has quickly become a household name. 

For the past two years, prior to COVID I, was travelling around the US with the health and wellness-based podcast, Almost 30,” Chara told Daily Hive.

“Being vegan and very health conscious, I became frustrated with the lack of options for food amidst my travels. Thus, I started to create my own high protein, low sugar oatmeal blend which I would bring with me everywhere,” she added.

Like so many successful entrepreneurs, she was frustrated with the lack of something many would love — and she took the risk and developed it herself. With plenty of passion and business savvy, the idea began to take off.

“I started to post it on my social media as a ‘health/travel hack’ and was taken back at the comments and DM’s that came flooding in. ‘How is this not already a product?’, ‘You need to make this!’, ‘Where are you off to now?!’. So I called up my friend Vanessa and we started to host focus groups, conduct research and explore the idea of up levelling the convenience food that is available in the current market,” Krangle told us.

The product is here now and it tastes absolutely delicious — and is simple to make. All you have to do in the morning is add whatever kind of milk you’re a fan of. The team made it for everyone.

We created this product for our fellow working compadres, superhero mom and dads and their quick-growing seedlings, athletic go-getters, health-conscious peeps, and that jet-setting posse,” said Krangle.

“To those who have schlepped their smoothie across town only to have it leak in their laptop bag, or unwillingly caved in to eating an air-filled croissant and/or muffin against their hangry will, or decided they’d rather starve than eat an airplane/continental breakfast – this product is for all of them,” she added.

They make the product delicious and on the go, and so it makes sense where they first intended the product to be found.

To be available in airports, where the idea first started!” she said.

“We also donate a healthy breakfast to a child in need for every six pouches sold. We aim to reduce if not eliminate the issues of kids going to school hungry and without breakfast,” said Krangle.

The product is readily available now, in some delicious flavours.

“We have 3 single serve oatmeal flavours (Blueberry Cinnamon, Raspberry, and Cacao Coconut), and Blueberry Cinnamon and Cacao Coconut multi-serve pouches (8-10 servings),” they said.

And it’s not just the ease and the tasty flavours that made Oat of the Day so unique and so successful. It’s also incredibly healthy, and the Oat of the Day team prides themselves on having the cleanest oatmeal in the market.

11g of protein, 3g of sugar (coming from organic coconut sugar and freeze dried berries form Langley), and 7g of fibre all in one cute stand up pouch,” they told us. “We are two young females out of Vancouver looking to change the game of convenient breakfasts,” they added.

This duo misses seeing the faces within the community that loves their product so much. COVID has put a pause on the free sampling and event hosting they loved to take part in. They miss connecting with Vancouver locals, but the people in this city can still connect with their product. After all, it was made for them.

We made this product so even the busiest of bees can slay their day knowing their breakfast is a healthy one proving them with the nutrients to feel fuelled and focused all morning long!” they said.


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