after years of research and design, tech inventor hunter kowald unveils a fully functional hoverboard — and this one actually flies. in recent years, hoverboard prototypes had been released that fall just short of the typical space-age expectation. while LEXUS debuted its skater-inspired board which hovers through the use of magnetic levitation technology, it was restricted to a pre-installed magnetic track and left little to the control of the rider. others don’t actually hover at all, and are more similar to a front-facing skateboard. a comparable ‘personal aviation system’ is seen with frank zapata’s design which operates like a jetpack with gas turbines. hunter kowald’s creation, with its downward-facing propellers, suggests instead a powerful and large-scale drone.

visualizations courtesy of hunter kowald | @hunterkowald



hunter kowald claims that his newly completed hoverboard can lift up to 500 pounds. the compact vehicle is realized with a custom carbon fiber structure, industrial grade components, and has been engineered with safety as a top priority. even with two failed motors, the hoverboard will still be able to land. it is equipped with aircraft navigation lighting certified by the FAA. kowald notes in an instagram post: ‘I’ll never be able to explain the insane amount of work this took. people told me you can’t break the laws of physics. and well.. after a global effort of custom part manufacturing and plenty spontaneous fires & explosions… watch me dance.’

hunter kowald lifts off in LA after building a custom drone-like hoverboard

hunter kowald lifts off in LA after building a custom drone-like hoverboard




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