Cultus Lake Community Association – April 17, 2021/Facebook

Cultus Lake – Social media erupted, almost as planned, as the warm April weather drew the crowds to Cultus Lake. Social Distancing at Main Beach was not apparent as the photos flooded Facebook and other sites.

One complaint was that there was no site of RCMP or anyone from Cultus Lake Park to talk to people about the lack of social distancing.

In a message sent to FVN, this person asked to remain anonymous:

It was a complete gong show at the lake yesterday (Saturday), large groups no social distancing….today will most likely be worse. Residents feel like they are being held hostage in their homes, parks board not willing to do anything. The Association has written to Public Health begging for help but so far nothing…residents feel like they are “sitting ducks” and it’s only April. Board keeps telling us it’s a “public park” no one disputes that, but where do the rights of the visitors end and the residents begin ? The issue at the lake is the proximity between the houses and the visitors, at least at Harrison they have a bit of distance. The path and some homes is less than six feet !

The Cultus Lake Community Association had this to say to FVN in an email:

If it wasn’t Covid it would be an inherent expectation that people would come here but it’s Covid the variants are rampant…they shut the park down with 1/10 of the cases last year. I sent yesterday’s picture to a friend who is a medical specialist at Chilliwack Hospital who is not only disgusted by the scene here but the lack of assistance to help keep Covid at bay here. Of course the concern is the certain increase of Covid not only to Chilliwack but the surrounding the Hospitals. It’s an absolute nightmare..people are worried and scared and very concerned that the management of this park are turning a blind eye…revenue verses lives. They keep on saying at least they are staying within 10 people that’s allowed that is not the case and yesterday’s photo proves it’s not their household bubble…this part of the province and the province as whole is in big trouble if the PHO doesn’t intervene…

FVN and chillTV has reached out to Joe Lamb, the CAO of Cultus Lake Park.

Cultus Lake Community Association – April 17, 2021/Facebook


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