BAM’s creative site hoarding

Craig Madge, a project manager for BAM working on a new headquarters building for housing association Home Group at One Strawberry Lane, has erected a giant image of his team on the site hoardings, complete with their roles.

But when face on the board remains a blank hole. BAM has left this space for passers-by to pose with the team and take photos. Craig hopes the idea will not only engage local people with the new building but perhaps also prompt some to consider a future construction career.

Craig’s team includes gatemen, planners, site managers, engineers, building services managers and site managers, as well as apprentices.

“I don’t think people realise how many roles the industry offers, and how digital our world has become. There’s a lot of technology involved now before we set foot here on site, especially because of how complex this area is to build in above and below ground. We have to build around the Metro and very proximate buildings.

“I hope the hoarding will cause younger people in particular to give our industry some thought.”

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