Mission/Agassiz (John Henry Oliver – Canadian Radio Sanctuary) Canadian Radio Sanctuary: Voices of the Valley with Mission’s Brian Antonson on his Radio and BCIT Career.

One of the people who has influenced, instructed and nurtured hundreds of broadcasters and media people is Brian Antonson of Mission, BC. Brian grew up in Burnaby, BC and discovered a passion for radio that remains with him to this day. He will explain his early start, eventual work in audio production and teaching radio. His impact on media successes such as news people Sophie Lui, Mike Killeen, Jill Krop and sportscaster John Shorthouse are only a tiny part of Brian’s widespread guidance. His volunteering in the Mission area is well known. He was the President of the 2014 BC Winter Games in that community.

His oratory skills are second to none as he is one of the best public speakers you will ever hear. Enjoy Brian’s story. It’s a good one! Thank you for your support. Voices of the Valley is from Canadian Radio Sanctuary, a non-profit media service.

Photos courtesy of various media outlets, CBC, CTV, Global, Airtight Productions, BCIT and some archives.


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