How much does a soapstone sink cost?

Standard soapstone sinks can range in price from a few hundred to over $1,000. The standard-size sinks at Vermont Soapstone run from $400 up to $1,000 for a 36-inch two-bowl sink. “Custom sizes will cost more,” says Bowman. “Our 36-inch two-bowl custom sink is in the $1,200 to $1,500 range.”

Above: Soapstone counters and an apron-front sink by Made LLC, a New York–based design-build practice. “We like to use materials that develop character as they’re lived with, becoming increasingly beautiful as they wear in over the years,” says founding partner Ben Bischoff. “Soapstone is one we come back to again and again. It’s beautiful at the start and becomes even more so as it breaks in with your work patterns.” Photograph via Made LLC.

How do prices compare with stainless steel or ceramic sinks?

“A good-quality imported stainless steel sink is about the same price,” says Bowman. “And compared to a good porcelain farmhouse sink, soapstone is probably less.”

Does a soapstone sink have to go with a soapstone countertop? 

“We’ll sell you a sink on its own, no problem,” Bowman says with a chuckle. “In fact, we probably sell twice as many sinks as we do countertops, so those sinks get combined with all kinds of different countertop materials, like marble, granite, and the like.” No soapstone counters but still want the sink? Feel free to mix and match.

A seamless draining board, built in. Photograph by Janet Hall.
Above: A seamless draining board, built in. Photograph by Janet Hall.

What special features are available?

Because they’re made of easily-cut stone, soapstone sinks can generally be customized any way you want it. Edges can be square, beveled, or bullnose. Drainage boards can be incorporated. “We can make a three-bowl sink with all the bowls at different heights. We can add a high backsplash so the faucets can be mounted on the back,” he says.

We’ve even built a handful of soapstone bathtubs for around $5,000.” When he spoke with us, Bowman was in Weston, Massachusetts, working in the mudroom of a high-end house to install a custom sink measuring five feet wide and a foot deep—perfect for dog-washing.

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