Spring is finally here and we’re all chomping at the bit to spruce up our own nests and make mealtime more interesting. You can choose to overhaul all of your tableware or pick and choose a few pieces that work with what you already use daily. Placemats, plates, bowls, glasses and so much more will give your dining table a quick refresh for warmer weather and shared meals with vaccinated family and friends. All that’s left is to try a new cocktail and add some ambient lighting and music to complete the experience!

Cosmos Placemat in Supernova White by Tortuga
Not only is the terrazzo-like pattern easy on the eyes, it also minimizes the appearance of small stains.

two glasses

Radiant Crystal Water Glasses by PUIK Design
Their unique shape allows you to set your drink down any number of ways, and you can pair them with the Rare Carafe for a brilliant experience.

stack of bowls

Medium Bowl by førs studio
Up your cereal, soup or ice cream game with these bone china, hand glazed bowls.


Sepia Medium Nonslip Tray by KINTO
This natural walnut plywood tray serves both your functional and decorative needs.

salad and salad servers

Serving Spoon Set by Belle-V
Sculptural solid and slotted spoons with asymmetrical heads designed to get into every nook and cranny of the dish.

place setting

Royal Round Placemat by Slash Objects
Unique and durable, these placemats will protect your table surface and look good doing it.

drinking glasses

Monti-Aqua by Sempli
Save on precious cabinet space and enjoy drinking all of your favorite beverages from these perfectly sized glasses.

plate with cheese and fruit

Small Plate by førs studio
If you’re looking to get more playful, add a few of these slim and elegant small plates for snacking and more.

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