As a girl, Laxmi Hussain loved spending afternoons drawing in her father’s corner store in St. John’s Wood, London: “I used to spread my paper and pens on top of the ice cream fridges looking out the window.” She went on to earn a degree in architecture, where her love of drawing continued—”when I was studying, we had to do most of our work by hand; it was before programs like CAD were the norm.” She’s now a mother of three, and when her oldest child, now, was still in pre-school, she rediscovered art through him: “the more he drew, the more I did; we’d do it together.”

Laxmi has since focused on making art, and during her recent pregnancy—her youngest is 10 months old—she began painting the female form. Her latest series—newly available from Partnership Editions—is dedicated to her mother, who passed away in 2018. The collection is all in blue, a color she associates with her mother: “she’s all around me and in everything I do.”

Photography by Laxmi Hussain, unless noted.

Above: Laxmi’s work is often composed of a single continuous line or two. She works in Wembley Park near Wembley Stadium in a new housing complex with artist spaces created by  Second Floor Studios, a group dedicated to establishing affordable space for artists and “promoting the role that art, craft, and design can play in the regeneration of towns and cities.” Photograph by Maria Bell.


Laxmi and her husband, who works on the systems end of Marks and Spencer&#8
Above: Laxmi and her husband, who works on the systems end of Marks and Spencer’s food department, and their three kids live in a 1940s house also in Wembley, in northwest London. A group of her small paintings are shown here.


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