Micaela and Adam Gaudette have been mostly keeping to themselves. They still somehow got infected with COVID-19.

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Adam Gaudette probably was exposed to COVID-19 sometime late last week. Where that happened isn’t exactly clear.

Micaela Gaudette says she’s been wracking her brain to figure out the answer, especially after she and her husband spoke with contact-tracing officials from B.C.’s Centre for Disease Control.

Adam, as Canucks fans know, tested positive for COVID-19 on Tuesday morning.

“We basically don’t go anywhere. We’ve been out of the house twice in the last week,” she said.

In both cases, they followed all the social distancing rules and she said they were very conscious to keep apart from other people. Last summer they were less cautious, she admitted, so it’s ironic they got infected now, when the rules laid out by the NHL are so much more stringent.

“Adam is a homebody,” she said. “His preference is to stay in at the best of times.

“He loves the rules, he loves to stay in,” she said.

As many people noticed on Instagram, they did take their dogs for a hike at Lighthouse Park with Brock Boeser, but they took different vehicles and were careful not to get too close to Adam’s teammate.

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“We told the CDC and (Canucks) everything we did in the last week prior to the positive test,” she said of the conversations they had on Tuesday, after her husband’s Monday test came back positive.

“They assured us we did nothing wrong and could have contracted it from anywhere, really. So I’m definitely going to believe them over anyone on Twitter with a burner account.”

She said she woke up with a headache on Thursday morning and felt a bit tired, but otherwise has been doing all right. Adam, on the other hand, still has his sense of taste and smell, but feels achy and lethargic and has chills. So far for him, it’s like a very bad case of the flu, she said.

And they haven’t heard from health officials that their cases are a variant of concern, so they’re breathing a cautious sigh of relief, for now.

The Gaudettes are active on social media, believing it’s a good way to interact with fans, especially during this time when everyone is told it’s best to just stay home.

Most reaction has been positive, but there have been responses that are over the top and out of proportion.

“I just feel bad for Adam,” she said. “He’s so sick, and just doesn’t deserve the hate when we have done nothing wrong. Everyone wants to see more personality from players so this hockey world is a bit less dull, then when something goes wrong that’s out of anyone’s control, it makes it hard to want to keep staying on social media and interacting.”



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