Abbotsford – MARCH 31 UPDATE – Great News and in time for Easter.

Over the past 24 hours, Abbotsford Police investigators have received an over-whelming number of tips and information relating to this theft. All five kittens have been located and returned to Mittens, their mother.

One of the kittens was brought in to the SPCA Wednesday afternoon, and the other four were tracked down and recovered by AbbyPD and the Crime Reduction Unit.

Abbotsford Police Sgt. Judy Bird (Public Information Officer) said investigators received an “overwhelming number” of tips and information about the stolen kittens. She said the four kitties were not turned in directly to the SPCA. They were tracked down and recovered by Const. Froese and the crime reduction unit.

Bird said the incident is still under investigation, and “details are limited” although she knew once the story went public on social media, that every cat and animal lover would be on the lookout.

Not only did Vancouver media follow the story, it went nation wide.

Bird noted that this is an on-going investigation.

ORIGINAL STORY MARCH 30 – Abbotsford Police investigators are investigating a break-and-enter to a residence in the 32900 blk of Bevan Ave in which five very young kittens were taken. These kittens are only 10 days old and need the care of their mom, Mittens.

Abby PD

The suspect entered the residence through an unlocked door on the morning of Tuesday March 30, 2021 at approximately 3AM.  In addition to the kittens, other identifiable items including passports and an Apple TV were stolen (some items have since been recovered).

The suspect is described as a Caucasian male in his 20s, tall, slim build and wearing a light-coloured hoodie and dark pants.

There is also security cam footage available here

This break and enter is still under investigation. Investigators believe that the thief may attempt to sell these kittens online or in public. Please contact the Abbotsford Police Department with any information at 604-859-5225.


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