Those that follow tool news may have heard about a new Makita tool platform that launched in several other countries a few months ago and have been waiting for the news of it finally being released in the United States. Well, the wait is over, as the teal tool brand has finally announced the release of their 40V and 80V XGT system in the US.

The initial 50+ tools on the XGT system will be available for purchase this month and more releases will become available in future quarters. Much like the 18V, 36V LXT lineup for Makita, the XGT system will pair two 40V batteries together to achieve 80V.

Makita believes that this new system is unique because it allows them to achieve higher performance with their tools, while also creating a battery platform that is compact enough to use on smaller power tools, like impacts and drills.

“For the highest-demand applications and a truly cordless job site, Makita has taken cordless performance beyond limits with the creation of XGT,” explains Mario Lopez, director of product management, Makita U.S.A.  “We’re providing more power without forcing users to buy big, heavy, slow-charging batteries for use on a limited number of tools. XGT is launching with fifty products – an unheard-of amount at launch, and more will be coming soon.”

It’s important to note that the XGT system is not negating the LXT system, as Makita will continue to development the LXT lineup, which currently offers over 275 products. The XGT system is also not backwards compatible with the LXT lineup, so you won’t be able to use the 40V batteries on any of your existing 18V tools.

The XGT Batteries

Makita states that their new 40V XGT batteries were designed to absorb impact and resist water and dust, although they have not published any sort of IP rating. The batteries also contain microchips to “speak” to the tools and prevent overheating, overloading, and over discharging.

In April, a 2.5ahand a 4.0ah battery will be made available, followed by a 5.0ah battery in the near future. It will be interesting to see how far Makita takes this battery platform, because one of the knocks on its existing LXT platform is that they never released a battery larger than 6.0ah, whereas other brands like Milwaukee and DeWalt offer 12.0ah for longer runtime. Makita’s position has long been that those batteries are too bulky and heavy.

The XGT Tools

As mentioned above, Makita’s goal with XGT is to provide one battery that is optimized for both small, handheld power tools, and provide enough power for larger tools.

Rotary and Demolition Hammers

This category will hold the first two 80V max tools in the lineup, but both will be released after the initial launch. The two 80V options include a Brushless 2″ AVT® Rotary Hammer Kit, SDS-MAX and a Brushless 29 lb. AVT® Demolition Hammer Kit, SDS-MAX.

The initial release includes a Brushless 1-1/8″ AVT® Rotary Hammer Kit, SDS-PLUS, Brushless 1-1/8″ AVT® Rotary Hammer Kit, with Interchangeable Chuck SDS-PLUS, a Brushless 1-9/16″ AVT® Rotary Hammer Kit SDS-MAX, and a Brushless 15 lb. AVT® Demolition Hammer Kit SDS-MAX, all 40V max.


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