Eurovia Contracting’s new battery-powered Volvo ECR25 Electric

Supplied by Volvo dealer SMT GB, the ECR25 Electric is currently the only battery-powered three-tonne excavator on the market.

It is Eurovia’s first electrically powered excavator as well as its first Volvo excavator.

“We’re on target to achieve a 40% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, which is very significant for a company that has a high degree of self-delivery,” said Matt Stubbings, divisional manager of Eurovia Contracting. “And the introduction of battery-powered machinery holds the key to achieving that goal.”

Of the new machine, he said: “It’s definitely a game changer, and we can’t wait to add larger, more powerful zero-emissions kit to our fleet.”

Managing director Phil Skegg said: “Urban operations will particularly benefit from noise reduction and zero emissions, and this will be the first of many for Eurovia.”

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The zero tailswing ECR25 Electric has the same performance specifications as its diesel-powered counterpart. The 48-volt lithium battery pack provides a 20kWh, 450Ah supply, to operate a permanent magnet electric motor, which is used to drive the excavator’s hydraulic system.

Peak motor power is 18kW, reducing to 14.7kW during continuous operation. This also enables the ECR25 Electric to offer switchable work modes, through standard, Eco and Boost settings via the in-cab screen.

The ECR25 Electric can work a four-hour shift on a full charge, the manufacturer says, and is available with two charging options: one is through a 16-amp power source for over-night trickle-charging, and the other is a 32 amp fast-charge system that can achieve a full-charge in around 75 minutes.

Eurovia Contracting has also bought solar-powered batteries reduce reliance on traditional diesel-powered generators.

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