photos courtesy of Webuild media library

The arch bridge was installed in the town of Acerra near Naples over a road planned for the Naples-Cancello section designed by Italferr. Client for the project is Rete Ferroviaria Italiana.

The two sections being built by the Webuild Group – Naples-Cancello and Apice-Hirpinia – have 600 people working on them and the number is to increase to 930 by 2022. There is also a long supply chain, with about 300 businesses working on the Naples-Cancello section, 183 of them located in southern Italy.

The recently installed bridge weighs 2,500 tonnes and is about 80m long and 21m. After a series of preparatory work, the bridge was moved in place during a 10-hour operation by 18 self-propelled modular transporters (SPMTs) that distributed its weight along 104 wheeled axes. The bridge was then lifted about 6m above ground by strand jacks.

The Naples-Bari line will reduce by about half the travel time between Naples and Bari to just two hours. It will also bring northern and southern Italy closer together, with the time to travel between Milan and Bari reduced to six hours.

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