The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has issued a temporary blanket concession for new and existing permanent resident holders. This concession gives PR holders who cannot travel to South Africa at the moment more time to meet their permanent residence requirements.

For PR holders who have to activate their PR status

Under normal circumstances, permanent resident holders who applied for PR at a South African mission abroad must travel to SA within 12 months of receiving their PR to activate their status. Failure to do so may cause the permanent resident status to lapse.

With the concession, the DHA is giving new PR holders until 31 December 2021 to activate their status. This process is simply presenting the permanent residency certificate at a South African border control.

That means that your PR won’t lapse if you activate your status after 12 months of receiving it – provided you do it on or before 31 December.

For existing PR holders

There is no minimum stay requirement for South African permanent residence but PR holders should not remain outside of South Africa for more than three years at a time.

With the concession, PR holders now have until 31 December 2021 to travel to South Africa to satisfy the entry requirement.

In other words – if you’ve already been outside of South Africa for more than three years, or will exceed three years during the course of this year, your permanent residence will remain valid as long as you enter South Africa before 31 December this year.

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