Above: In a corner of Matthew’s Brooklyn loft, which he shares with his wife Allison and daughter Origin, hangs a luminous framed photo from the Palace collection.

Almost a decade ago, we started working with the talented New Zealand photographer Matthew Williams on our first Remodelista book; we’ve been happily collaborating ever since. Matthew shot our two subsequent books—Gardenista and The Organized Home—and we’re now hard at work on our fourth book. Over the years, Matthew has played a huge part in defining the “Remodelista look,” as we call it.

So when Matthew emailed to let us know he was launching The Valley Few, a new project he developed during Covid, we were keen to learn more. “We offer curated, limited edition, large photographic prints produced in Brooklyn using the giclée process, which incorporates archival ink and archival substrates. The handling of the prints follows archival guidelines of the highest quality and standards.

“My intention with the Valley Few series is to explore the wonderful abstract chaos in nature and cities,” Matthew says. “There is a symmetry at work in the two, given the cocktail of distance and time. Try as we might to control and order them, cities bloom in ways that quickly veer off what is planned, as does the persistent and brilliant natural world. With this collection I attempt to capture the disorder of repeat. The uniformity of tumult to show the beauty in both these worlds. At times mixing the two to create an abstract unconscious awareness in color and form for what the future holds.”

Here’s a look at some favorites from The Valley Few collection:


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