Eliminating the for-profit model for long-term care homes is an idea that’s time has come, writes Roger Bjaanes

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One glaring statistic caught my attention as the call for the elimination of for-profit long-term care facilities grows: During the first wave of Canada’s COVID-19 pandemic, over 80 per cent of our deaths occurred in these facilities.

The horror stories we read and heard about were well-documented and spoke volumes about the shortcomings in these homes. Protocols to protect, safeguard and prevent the spread of the virus in many care homes were anything but stringent. Having to bring the military in to oversee the proper care of patients was a shock.

The quality of care and support of our senior citizens should not be dependent on a bottom line.

As a potential patient/dependent of an elderly “Twilight Rest Manor” in the not-too-distant future, I shudder to think of the images seen in the last 12 months. Seniors suffering with horrible personal hygiene, and eating/living conditions that were sub-par and potentially financially driven raise alarm bells.

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I don’t know what the solution may be, but eliminating the for-profit model, as proposed by the federal NDP would be a good start.

Roger Bjaanes, Harrison Hot Springs

What’s the Point?

I think I’ve heard just about enough of the Point Roberts fiasco as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As for Canadians with property in Point Roberts, I’m truly sorry they are in this current predicament, but if they bought a vacation property in the Interior of B.C. this wouldn’t be an issue. Buying property or homes in a foreign country has its inherent risks, and this is one of them.

As for the American citizens living in Point Roberts and complaining that Canada isn’t playing fair at the border, it just infuriates me.

Washington State has the largest ferry system in all of North American and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers could have built a ferry dock in Point Roberts in 24 hours, as that is what they do during a disaster.

Surely, sending a ferry there a couple of times a week would alleviate this issue and we wouldn’t have to listen to any more whining.

D’Arcy Leoppky, Maple Ridge

Punish China, not Asians

The vast majority of Asians living in the West are not the problem, and stigmatizing them or worse is both immoral and not useful to our countering the intentions for world domination by the Chinese Communist Party.

Our enemy is the CCP. But what can we, individually, do about this? Simple. Hit the CCP in the pocketbook. Just quit buying anything produced in China. Look at the label. If it is from China, don’t buy it.

Our country needs to set up export tariffs on goods China buys from us (pork, canola) so at least Canada gets the taxes generated and increase the costs to the CCP.

We need to welcome those who have chosen to enjoy our way of life and send a message to those who reject our views that their ways are not acceptable to us.

Ken Hampton, Vancouver

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