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Western alienation is one thing — separation is another.

“Separation does not enhance Alberta’s clout,” warns Preston Manning, one of the leading thinkers of Canadian conservatism. “In fact, it diminishes it.”

As a stand-alone, landlocked entity, Alberta will have less bargaining power than it has now, he said.

“What is the magnitude of your objective? Do you want to be a small little country that would be under tremendous pressure to join the United States within 20 to 30 years? Or do you want to reinvigorate the role and magnitude of the great Northwest?”

He says it’s time to think big within Canada.

Manning maintains that the future of Canada belongs to the West: “We’re on the right end of the country as Asia-Pacific influence continues to grow.”

With a smile, he adds, “That’s my optimism showing!”

Preston Manning joined a Conversation That Matters about Alberta, the current state of discontent and a potential path forward.

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