Justin Trudeau, buoyed by memories of his father’s renowned Trudeaumania, created his own imaginary wave and then refitted the battered old Liberal ship, writes Lloyd Atkins

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Over the decades, I’ve watched hopeful voters clamouring for positions next to the gunwale of the latest ship being launched by a political party. Voters seem to believe they will get a free ride on a huge wave of personal prosperity. But the wave is a mirage, created by political hot air. Nevertheless, it’s an entertaining fantasy at first, but every ship inevitably runs aground on the rocky shores of reality.

Justin Trudeau, buoyed by memories of his father’s renowned Trudeaumania, created his own imaginary wave and then refitted the battered old Liberal ship. Now his ship of promises is floundering on the rocks and all our drama-teaching prime minister can think of doing is throwing the country’s treasure chests overboard in a desperate attempt to keep himself afloat.

Alas, this tale could have a happy ending, but it doesn’t. Erin O’Toole, the new master of the Conservatives’ outdated Harperian ship, can’t even convince his crew that the climate is changing, let alone which way the political winds are blowing.

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In protest, I’m going to keep wearing a Green Party of Canada lifejacket, even though I’m aware its buoyancy depends on hot air.

Lloyd Atkins, Vernon

Free the two Michaels

Following the ongoing saga of Meng Wanzhou in the news, I’m outraged at the claim her rights have been and continue to be abused, while the two Micheals are the poster boys for human rights abuse while unjustly imprisoned in China.

Meng should be kept in the same living conditions as our Canadians are in China. Rather, she is treated like a princess living between two mansions.

It’s time for our federal government to take a stand and fight harder to bring these two Canadians home.

Fran Berry, Prince George

Get tough with China

With the obvious fraudulent attempt to pressure Canada into releasing Meng Wanzhou, they are trying the two Michaels. What happens if they lie and say, “Well, they are guilty,” and sentence them to death. What do we do then?

Perhaps we should lock up Meng and say, “When you send our two citizens back, we will consider releasing Meng to go back to her dumpy million-dollar mansions.”

We need to get tough now, before it is too late.

Tom Duncan, Chilliwack

Safety at a cost-effective rate

As a taxpayer, I continue to be concerned about the direction of the current Surrey council and the costs associated with the replacement of the RCMP with a municipal force. Given the competing and very arguably more pressing issues, it is a travesty that tax dollars are being spent on a project with no or a negative return.

I urge all councillors to reconsider this position.

In particular, councillors such as Laurie Guerra who have spoken to our community association and indicated strong support for fiscal responsibility, now appear to have reversed this position, a troubling situation for an elected official.

Lindsay Ryerson, Surrey

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