“The takeoff process has historically been disjointed, cumbersome and time consuming, which creates a lack of transparency, missed deadlines and an increase in errors,” said Sameer Merchant, vice president of construction technology at Autodesk. “With an integrated 2D and 3D quantification solution that leverages Autodesk Construction Cloud’s centralized document management, Autodesk Takeoff enables teams to update quantities in real-time and ensure they’re working from the latest design files. Autodesk Takeoff allows estimators to easily collaborate to reduce errors, speed up their takeoff process, produce more compelling bids and ultimately win more work.” 

Historical Project Databases can also be built within Takeoff to track and manage items that can help benchmark your companies performance and tighten bid accuracy.

“If done right, historical project data such as actual quantities, production time, and material costs can be used to bid more accurately on the next project,” says Andy Leek, Vice President – Technology & Innovation at PARIC Corporation, in an Autodesk blog post. “Competitive bids are often impacted by fluctuating material costs, weather impacts, productivity, and the availability of labor resources. As the market evolves, data helps our teams bring more value, insight, and reliability to the table to remain competitive.”


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