British design phenom Tom Dixon is well-known for his captivating furniture, lighting and accessories, the latter of which typically designed out of metals or glass. For this collection, though, he heads in a different direction which involves bold patterns and fresh colors. Swirl is a series of vases, candleholders, candelabras, and bookends, all comprising geometric forms stacked on top of one another to create functional sculptures. Each piece has its own personality with a unique silhouette and color palette, making them the perfect objects to take up residence on your dining table, countertop or bedside table.

Swirl Vases

The Swirl collection is made from a new material that looks similar to 3D marbled paper but with the weight of stone. To make the material, powdered residue from the marble industry is recycled, then mixed with pigment and resin to form blocks that are then sliced and turned on a lathe.

Swirl Small Vase

Swirl Small Vase, separated

Swirl Medium Vase

Swirl Stem Vase

Swirl Vase

Left: Swirl Cone Candleholder
Middle: Swirl Dumbbell Candleholder
Right: Swirl Stepped Candleholder


Swirl Black + White Candelabra

Swirl Multi Candelabra

Swirl Stack

Swirl Stack, stacked

Swirl Stepped Bookend (2)

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