An employment tribunal found that Aspin directors had failed to undertake proper consultation with staff before making them redundant.

Aspin Group fell into administration in July 2019.

In a tribunal ruling earlier this month, employment judge Victoria Butler ruled that Aspin had failed to organise the election of employee representatives and to consult with them in accordance with sections 188 and 188A of Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992.

It ordered the company to pay remuneration to each of the 35 claimants equivalent to three months’ pay.

Nuala Toner, solicitor for the Aspin 35, explained: “Whilst the order is for 90 days, realistically the sum payable is limited to the amount guaranteed by the secretary of state given the company is in administration. This is currently £538 per week (or the weekly pay if less than £538) so a maximum per claimant of £4,304.”

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