The Insurance Corporation of BC says a round of pandemic-related car insurance rebate cheques for drivers will be delayed because of a cyber attack on a third-party vendor.

ICBC contracted the outside company to print and distribute the cheques, and on Wednesday revealed that company was the victim of a hack.

The vendor had customer names, addresses, and cheque amounts. There’s no indication yet the hacker took that information, ICBC said. The provincial insurance administrator was not impacted by the attack and its systems are still secure.

ICBC had planned to start mailing rebate cheques to customers this week. A reduction in collisions due to the pandemic meant all drivers were eligible a refund on their premium.

Drivers are set to receive an average of $190 back.

But now plans to mail the cheques are on hold. ICBC hopes the delay will be minimal, and is working to get the cheques to customers in the coming weeks.


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