Chilliwack – Public art is always a hot debate. Love it or hate it. On Tuesday, Chilliwack Council will vote on a $60 thousand proposal to spend the cash on “Meetcha at the 5”. A art piece that will sit in front of the CEPCO building across from the Clock at Five Corners.

On January 11, 2021 the City of Chilliwack let out a Request For Proposal seeking submissions for a public art piece to be placed at the corner of Young and Yale Road, and in front of the business centre located at 46115 Yale Road.

After closing bids there were ten submissions with only four moving forward once reviewed for technical merit. The CPAAC then scored the four advanced submissions with “Meecha At the Five” receiving the highest score collectively as well as receiving the most first ranked votes.

“Meecha At the Five”, created by TDH EXPERIENTIAL FABRICATORS, was designed to “pay homage to Chilliwack’s growth from a small riverboat landing to an uniquely vibrant and expanding urban Eraser Valley community”.

You can read more at the Chilliwack City Agenda.

Council will be livestreamed starting at 3, Tuesday Afternoon.

City of Chilliwack


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