“You make a better door than a window!” is what I imagine loader operators constantly yell at the bucket in front of them (or maybe I’m just projecting based on my experience of having the habit of sitting right in front of the TV as a kid). Either way, operators may not be yelling that in the future, as equipment manufacturer, Doosan, has introduced what they claim is an industry first “transparent” bucket.

While the bucket itself looks the same as any normal loader bucket, but is equipped with a variety of sensors, cameras and an in-cab monitor to allow the operator to easily see what is on the other side of the bucket. Doosan hopes this technology will not only aide in an increase in jobsite safety, but also an increase in productivity.

The company has also implemented other safety systems using technology, such as an around view monitor (AVM) that allows the operator to monitor the machine’s full surroundings, as well as a rear warning system.

“As construction safety standards have been significantly reinforced, the advanced safety system has become the key equipment option. We plan to continue developing functions that can protect the safety of drivers and nearby workers and lead the creation of accident-free construction sites,” a Doosan Infracore official said in a press release.

Doosan has applied for patents for the transparent bucket technology in North America, Europe, Korea, and China.

You can check out a video of the transparent bucket below:


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