swedish design trio addi collaborating with örsjö company, introduce ‘tell’, a modular brass luminaire that combines classic and modern shapes. with the blending of a powerful light source and an external rotatable cone, ‘tell’ creates direct and indirect light expressions that can be easily adjusted depending on mood or need.
move and rotate the cones as you wish to create the prefect ambiance

all images courtesy of addi



addi designs ‘tell’ with a strong graphic expression and offers a mix of classic and contemporary form in örsjös classic materials. the brass cones are modified to rotate according to the atmosphere one wants to create in the space, controlling the light’s intensity. ‘tell is a seemingly traditional luminaire with örsjö’s strict design language and honest materials. designed with modern technology and a playful twist. it’s a modular luminaire that wants to be interacted with,’ mentions addi

addi + örsjö introduce 'tell' modular cone-shaped brass luminaire
tell in brass. a honest material that ages with grace



the minimalistic modular luminaire can fit in different spaces. ‘tell’ designed for the working space, conference room, lounge as well as the restaurant. ‘the cone does not hide any secrets, it’s merely a reflector for the light from the linear light source, and it’s that detail that gives it the id and makes it so playful. the minimalistic look makes it easy to love,’ says addi.

addi + örsjö introduce 'tell' modular cone-shaped brass luminaire
tell, as much of a sculpture as it is a luminaire




addi + örsjö introduce 'tell' modular cone-shaped brass luminaire
with its minimalistic look tell is easy to place in any interior

tell more than meets the eye 4
tell adds life to the office

tell more than meets the eye 5
one of addi’s initial sketches. a strict and graphic modular luminaire

tell more than meets the eye 7
combine different materials to create unique looks



project info:


name: tell
designer: addi


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edited by: christina petridou | designboom



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