indian motorcycle, america’s first motorcycle company presents its first mini electric youth offering, the eFTR jr. the all-new electric mini-bike marks a mini-replica of the american flat track championship-winning FTR750. with the eFTR jr., indian invites motorcycle lovers to hand down their passion for two wheels to aspiring young riders. unique in its dynamic styling, young riders can feel like a member of the iconic indian motorcycle wrecking crew that dominated flat track in the 1950’s.

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indian motorcycle designs its mini eFTR jr for young riders at a range of ages. featuring two ride modes, low and high, a seat height of 23.5 inches, and a maximum weight of 175 pounds, the eFTR jr can accommodate riders eight years and older when in low mode, and 13 and over in high mode. the bike’s telescopic front forks and mono-shock rear suspension provide a smooth, comfortable ride, while the bike’s rugged steel frame provides a durable structure for beginning riders. the eFTR jr’s dual-disc brakes offer premium stopping power for increased control and rider confidence.

indian eftr jr motorcycle



working together with razor USA, indian motorcycle’s product development team designs the mini eFTR jr around razor’s trusted and proven electric powertrain. the mini-bike’s 36-volt rechargeable battery will run for 140 minutes in low mode at 10 mph and 65 minutes in high mode at 15 mph. ross clifford, vice president of parts, garments, and accessories at indian motorcycle comments: ‘whether it was a father, mother, uncle or family friend, most motorcyclists have fond memories of the person that introduced them to riding, and that’s the spirit behind the eFTR jr. we wanted our first youth offering to be electric to provide a safe, simplistic and clean form of motorcycling for children, all wrapped up in the signature look of the FTR750. the eFTR jr can kickstart a lifetime of riding memories for the whole family.’

indian eftr jr motorcycleindian eftr jr motorcycleindian inspires young riders with the eFTR jr, its first electric mini-motorcycleindian inspires young riders with the eFTR jr, its first electric mini-motorcycleindian eftr jr motorcycleindian eftr jr motorcycleindian eftr jr motorcycleindian eftr jr motorcycle



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model: eFTR jr

manufacturerindian motorcycles, razor USA


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