Tinker toys, except you’re an adult designing and building furniture! Play YET! is a versatile modular system that can be created and adapted with ease using solid wooden shapes and blocks, because playtime isn’t just for kids. The possibilities are endless: storage, desks, room dividers, living room furniture and so much more. And because you can build and unbuild Play YET! in any space, moving and swapping out designs and layouts is a breeze.

Oak, beech and cork are used in the system’s elements to create strong, resistant structures that can be built using zero nails or screws. These materials have been chosen carefully by smarin for their natural qualities. Aside from its laundry list of fantastic abilities, harvesting cork for the project also contributes to forest sustainability.


To make Play YET! a reality, smarin worked with Agglolux-CBL, a French company that conducts research and development on cork, with a focus on sustainable preservation of the natural environment of Gascony in Aquitaine. It aims to develop and enhance technical knowledge and know-how by fostering the employment of the local workforce for working cork, from forest exploitation to production activities.

two chairs and low table



furniture collage

wooden furniture detail

wooden furniture detail

wooden furniture detail

wooden furniture detail

wooden pieces


Play YET! is sold in kits to accommodate different sizes and budgets, and the elements can also be sold individually. To learn more about PlayYET!, visit smarin.net.


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