jmarvel interior design introduces the ‘dining splendor’ restaurant in taiwan, drawing influence from chinese mythology and culture. the interior design is based on the essence of the structures and landscape of chinese gardens; mythological statues decorate the lobby, and scales of dragons clothe the wall. indigo-colored elements are inserted throughout the space to simulate the oxidized and archaic chinese bronze.all images courtesy of  hey! cheese



in the two-door entrance that leads to the restaurant, jmarvel interior design has partly blocked the glass wall to create a sense of anticipation. presenting a scenic, winding, and reasonable path, the corridor guides the guests to landscaped wall, patterned doorways and windows, and pavilions, which bring feelings of elegance and peacefulness. the booths, sofas, and blocked seats turn each seating section into a landscape scene. the pavilion and corridor, the edge view, the plants at the corners and the paper cut on windows, divide and connect the corridors at the same time.jmarvel references chinese mythology within 'dining splendor' restaurant, in taiwan



referring to chinese ancient mythological creatures, the colors that decorate the restaurant are chinese blue, peacock blue and carmine. chinese blue refines the eastern culture and brings gracefulness profoundness to the space, peacock blue on the columns imitates the mottled bronze and brings a sense of mystery, and elegance carmine is used to make a strong impression.  jmarvel references chinese mythology within 'dining splendor' restaurant, in taiwan



gri lobby is the starting point of the dinning process. the grand gate of the ancient mansion is accompanied by mineral yellow color to present the tranquility while the glass bricks soften the light, giving a golden hue and creating elegance vibes. ‘we use light, gray and low-key hues instead of traditional high colors, so the guests would feel like being in an ancient ink painting, and being surrounded old-fashioned and classical elegancy,’ mention the architects.jmarvel references chinese mythology within 'dining splendor' restaurant, in taiwan

dining splendor 1

dining splendor 3dining splendor 5dining splendor 7dining splendor 8dining splendor 9dining splendor 10dining splendor 11



project info:


name: dining splendor

architect: jmarvel interior design

total floor area: 572 sqm

location: taipei, taiwan 

construction year: 2020


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edited by: christina petridou | designboom


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