Opinion: Letters to The Province, March 9, 2021.

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Those who are opposed to the Site C dam are our present-day Luddites who oppose all major industrial projects, and want to take us back to the horse-and-buggy days, of outhouses, no electricity or indoor plumbing, wood-burning stoves and coal-oil lamps.

I lived under those conditions during the Dirty 30s in Lloydminster, Sask., where I was born. I don’t want to go back to those bad old days. If we’re going to have battery powered ferries, battery powered buses, battery powered trains and battery powered cars now, and in the future, we have to plan for that future and not wait until we have brownouts and blackouts taking place.

As far as the dam being on unstable ground, this engineering problem is being solved, by using pilings to fortify the dam, if you read the full report on this project.

It does cost more. We have more than a century to pay for this project, and make a profit in the bargain.

Power by water, rather than intermittent power from wind turbines and solar panels that will always need hydro power or fossil fuel for backup. What could possibly be greener than that?

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Fred Perry, Maple Ridge

Disgusted with protesters

I found it quite disgusting to see the picture of Dr. Bonnie Henry with an elongated nose that indicated she lies (right, Pinocchio?) in The Province.

These protesters are quite ignorant of the truth behind the rules she has instituted. She may not be perfect as no one is, but she is desperately trying to help save lives and reduce the outbreaks of this horrible virus.

It’s also noted that these demonstrators as usual aren’t wearing masks.

Frankly, if anyone refusing to wear a mask gets sick with the virus and needs medical attention, then our MSP plan shouldn’t pay any of the medical costs.

Tom Duncan, Chilliwack

What’s with trophy hunting in B.C. parks?

Why does B.C allow trophy hunting in provincial parks? Shouldn’t parks be areas of refuge for animals and a place where people can travel to if they enjoy seeing wildlife?

I’m deeply disturbed by one hunting guide outfitter’s website that states: “With more than 340,000 acres (550 square miles) at your disposal, you’ll find an ample range of habitat to pursue different animals and locate the right trophy. Within the borders of our territory, you’ll actually find a part of the Purcell Conservancy, St. Mary’s Alpine Park. Spanning approximately 22,000 acres, this breathtaking oasis of high alpine lakes and basins is an exceptional area for hunting elk, mountain goat, bear and mule deer.”

Shouldn’t 340,000 hunting acres be enough without allowing hunting in the 22,000-acre St. Mary’s Alpine Park? Are you listening Minister Katrine Conroy?

Michael Robson, Anmore

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