How exactly does it do that? A combination of a Durabond filter, a 15 amp vacuum motor, and 4 cyclones that use centrifugal force to pull the dust downward before it hits the filter, which ultimately extends the life of the filter.  The filter will need to be spun three times per day with the built-in exterior twist knob, to clear it of build up.

A bottom mounted dust tray can be pulled out to remove the dust as needed throughout the day.

A typical wet tile saw uses water to not only suppress dust, but to keep the tile blades cool as it cuts through the tile.  The iQ228, on the other hand, uses a proprietary blade that is designed to stay cool thanks to ists unique diamond concentration, the type of metal, and flange thickness.  The on-board vacuum also helps air cool the blade.

The saw is designed to cut a variety of different materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, and marble, among others. It features a max cut depth of 1-1/4”, a maximum 18” rip with the rolling table, and a 24” rip capacity without the rolling table.


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