Sunbelt built 50 regional Covid testing centres, including this one in Llandudno

Revenue from Covid-19 emergency works for the Department of Health accounted for a quarter of Sunbelt’s UK revenues in the nine months of April to December 2020.

The numbers were revealed in a third-quarter trading update from parent company Ashtead Group.

Sunbelt Rentals UK generated revenue of £444.1m between April and December 2020, up 22% on the same period in 2019 (£365.1m). Operating profit was little changed, however, at £38.8m (2019: £37.8m).

“The breadth of our product offering and commitment of our team members enabled us to provide essential support to the Department of Health in its Covid-19 response efforts,” said chief executive, Brendan Horgan. 

“Total revenue increased 22% to £444m reflecting the higher level of ancillary and sales revenue associated with the work for the Department of Health, which accounted for c. 25% of UK revenue,” he added.

Sunbelt helped build 50 regional testing centres during phase one of the UK government’s regional testing site programme to provide safe testing facilities for NHS and frontline workers.

During phase one, it installed (all numbers approximate):

  • 29,000 traffic cones
  • 14,000 traffic signs
  • 16 miles of fencing and 4 miles of barrier
  • 600 accommodation units
  • 600 safety and communication products
  • 350 tower lights
  • 250 generators
  • 600 air generators
  • 600 air conditioning units 
  • 400 bowsers
  •  400 toilets.

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