Letters to The Province for March 4, 2021.

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Re: Neighbourhood resident thinks city’s approach to Strathcona Park is garbage.

I know I speak for thousands of Vancouverites who are disgusted with the behaviour of these homeless, drug-addicted and sometimes violent thieves. Good for Adam Levy dumping ‘a bit’ of their discarded (possibly stolen) garbage on Vancouver City Hall’s doorstep.

There’s certainly been no action to help the Strathcona residents from government.

Get these people housed in institutions like Riverview and give them housing and every other service they require … but stop the destruction of our once beautiful cities.

Caroline Duncan, North Vancouver

Ownership responsible for Canucks’ woes

The Canucks’ problems are on the shoulders of ownership for getting rid of Trevor Linden and keeping overspending general manager Jim Benning and his poor trades and lousy free-agent pickups.

Next year when fans can return, I expect the arena to be half-empty.

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I’ve been watching the Canucks for 50-plus years and I’m tired of watching them lose.

Terry Becker, Grand Forks

Re: Canucks need to rebuild properly

I agree with every one of the letter-writers. How Jim Benning was allowed to tear down what seemed a proficient management team is beyond me.

I’m a longtime Canucks fan who once owned four season tickets in the 1970s.

Bob Labelle, Victoria

‘Problem coyotes’ should be eradicated

Re: Stanley Park is home for coyotes.

Nick Chester of Maple Ridge wrote that we shouldn’t be even thinking of eradicating coyotes from Stanley Park. I agree with him on his statement that “the park has always been a place and home for all kinds of animals,” however that is where the agreement ends. In this instance, coyotes are the party of interest and are being too aggressive and they, too, have to learn that we are part of the landscape as well.

As Chester lives in Maple Ridge, would he have the same attitude if a bear, coyote or cougar nipped at a family member? I really doubt it.

Eradicate the problem ones and go from there.

As to his final comment of: “We’ll have hunters killing geese next,” and why not? Maybe not hunters, per se, but a cull force to cut down on the number of these spoilers of parks.

While they’re at it, cook the geese and feed the needy. Use the feathers for jacket insulation for the homeless.

Daryl Leopold, Vancouver

I don’t care about West’s divorce

Who cares about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian getting divorced? Not me. Very rarely do Hollywood marriages last and thanks to useless garbage such as TMZ, we’re now subjected to gossip and hearsay about the personal lives of celebrities.

There’s far more important issues to worry about.

Michael Brian, Surrey

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