The Wine Guy offers up three bottle of Grenache that are sure to tickle your tastebuds

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Grenache is a great grape. Also known as Garnacha in Spanish-speaking wine regions, the grape variety is versatile, comforting, and easy to get into — kind of like the sweatpants (or hoodie) of wine!

As a wine, Grenache steers towards soft tannins and plush fruit, qualities that bring instant gratification through bold flavours and make food-pairing fairly easy for a myriad of meals — from braised dishes to barbecue.

Paul Mas 2019 Grenache Noir, France ($11.99 on sale until March 6, #154757)

Grenache is a late-ripening grape, which is why historically it was found in the southern reaches of France and Spain as it thrives in warmer regions overall. Of course it has migrated to warmer pockets around the wine world, and today it’s one of the most widely planted red grape varieties. Paul Mas offers a classic Grenache Noir — lest it get confused with Grenache Blanc! — providing a great introduction to the grape at an accessible price. Hailing from the warm swath of Pays d’Oc, this is a juicy, deep dark purpled number wafting simple sweet and soft berry fruit and vanilla with hints of anise.

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Bottom line: B, Solid mid-week bottle

Take it to the Grave 2019 Grenache, Australia ($17.99, #108814)

South Australia is another hotbed for Grenache (literally and figuratively). In Australia Grenache is commonly used in red blends like GSM (Grenache/Syrah/Mourvèdre) — similar to regions in southern France. But this week is all about singular Grenache, so let’s Take it to the Grave! Crafted from old vine grapes grown in the South Australian pocket sub-region of Langhorne Creek near Adelaide, this is a bold red featuring telltale opulent berry and black cherry aromas. It’s silky and smooth overall with fruity stance, invigorated by a spicy underlay and a plush mid-length finish that screams to be paired with a pile of nachos (or burgers).

Bottom line: B+, All caps PLUSH!

Viñadores de Gredos 2018 Dale! Garnacha, Spain (from $29, available at select private wine stores)

Undoubtedly Spain is the Grenache — nay Garnacha — heartland. That said, it’s fair to say that most Spanish Garnacha is not like this bottle of Dale! Veering away from the usual ripe and robust Garnacha sourced from Spain’s hot plains, Dale! hails from the newly designated region of Cebreros located in the Sierra de Gredos mountain range west of Madrid. This dull ruby coloured red still features classic ripe berry, herb, and bramble aromas yet its body is surprisingly svelte and lean — testament to cooler climate, high altitude vineyards. It’s an entirely more delicate and fresh style of Garnacha, one that takes very nice to a quick chill in the fridge before serving with grilled salmon.

Bottom line: B, Firm and fresh Garnacha

The Swirl: Join a potable club!

With spring on the horizon, a season of new releases will soon arrive. Which means it’s the perfect time to join a local wine, cider, or beer club. A number of B.C. potable producers offer club memberships, meaning for an upfront purchase commitment — typically a case or two a year — you’ll be rewarded with special deals and perhaps even special offerings. For example, Left Field Cider Co. has their Cider Club and Quails’ Gate offers their Wine Club, but be sure to contact your local favourite producer to see what’s on offer!


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