for FREITAG’s latest store opening in amsterdam, creative studio 1kg​ designed a bespoke bike cinema installation that takes inspiration from both the city and the brand’s strong bicycle lifestyle and tradition. the fixture, which is fully operated by pedal power, interacts with customers in a fun and active way, focusing on the sustainable values of the zurich-based company, that transforms used truck tarps into new bags. 

all images by maarten willemstein



FREITAG commissioned the 1kg team to create a multi-sensory experience, in order to celebrate the brand store’s landing in the dutch capital. the idea was to create a bike-powered cinema that would connect to the company’s sustainable heritage. more than 25 years ago, FREITAG founders daniel and markus made their first messenger bag from used truck tarps for their daily bike ride to work. it’s safe to say that cycling and FREITAG bags have always gone hand in hand.

1kg installs bespoke bike cinema within new FREITAG store in amsterdam



1kg designed a bespoke aluminum bike frame that holds three recycled bicycles, with each one driving a dynamo. this structure is connected to sensors, battery management systems, and​ custom software​ that converts energy created by the rider and powers a 360 sensory experience. light and sound elements enhance the screening of FREITAG-owned documentaries.

1kg installs bespoke bike cinema within new FREITAG store in amsterdam



the installation connects with the brand’s view on sustainability by making the user physically experience the effort needed to power up the space. as a result, the designers have generated a contemporary retail experience that touches upon different senses – sight, touch, and vision. ‘especially considering current circumstances, brands need to revolutionize their retail spaces and make these outlets a cause for creativity and innovation where visitors can immerse themselves in the brand’s aesthetic’ 1kg designer j​ohannes offerhaus shares. ‘this experiences falls nicely into 1kg’s body of work: at the studio we always try to add ‘weight’ and create textured layers for our clients’ projects’ he adds.


1kg%e2%80%8b conceptualises bespoke bike cinema for freitag 7


1kg%e2%80%8b conceptualises bespoke bike cinema for freitag 8

1kg%e2%80%8b conceptualises bespoke bike cinema for freitag 4



project info:


name: bike cinema
designer: 1kg studio
company: FREITAG
location: amsterdam, the netherlands



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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | designboom


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