thilina liyanage proposes a monumental, occupiable elephant to host a ‘safari observatory deck,’ boldly expressive of its function. the sri-lanka based architect envisions the structure to stands as a symbol which playfully celebrates its context and use. elaborate and novel, the project recalls robert venturi’s and denise scott brown’s ducks of roadside and highway strip architecture. a step away from a contemporary architecture of clean lines and simple volumes, the work is imagined as a wireframe mesh form-work of wooden tubes. the triangulated and lofted geometries introduce an uncanny blend languages, both organic and computer-generated.

images by thilina liyanage



thilina liyanage rejects the austerity of contemporary architecture with his ‘safari observation deck’ and its playful elephant expression. with this newly presented project, the designer continues his exploration of elevated, organic geometries. like the safari observation deck, much of his work is imagined within a lush, jungle setting.

thilina liyanage elephantthilina liyanage elephantthilina liyanage elephantthilina liyanage elephantthilina liyanage elephant


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