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As winter turns to spring, Vancouver is seeing more of those breathtaking spring sunsets. Luckily enough, there are countless spots around the city where you can take a picture of the perfect one.

Here are our picks for the best places to capture some beautiful sunset photos in Vancouver


As you walk or bike along this Vancouver staple, make sure you stop and get a glimpse of the stunning colours coming from the sky. All the beauty around you will surely make for a great evening photo-op.

Lonsdale Quay

One of the world’s best skylines paired with a great sunset makes for the perfect image.

False Creek

In False Creek you’ll find yourself enamoured with yet another sunset. At just the right time, see the sky turn into a cotton candy pink. Stunning!

Cambie Street Bridge

If you don’t think a bridge is a perfect place to take a picture of the sunset, think again. Walk under the Cambie Street bridge at golden hour and witness a picture perfect sunset.

Queen Elizabeth Park

We couldn’t leave out Queen Elizabeth Park from this list. The flowers here are just as beautiful as the sunsets you can catch. Make your way up to the highest point in the city to see for yourself.

English Bay

The way the sun reflects on the water as it disappears makes this the perfect location for some evening pictures. There’s a reason English Bay is Vancouver’s busiest beach.

Grouse Mountain

For a different sunset view make your way up to Grouse Mountain. Have a dinner, experience Mother Nature and then bask in the beauty of a North Shore mountain sunset.

Cypress Mountain

You’ll never regret making your way out to see a sunset from Cypress Mountain. Instagram-worthy pictures will make the trip worthwhile.

Ambleside Beach

If you’re not into the loud sounds of English Bay, make your way over to West Vancouver’s Ambleside Beach. Here you’ll be able to capture the perfect image of the sun setting over the iconic Lions Gate bridge.

River District Vancouver

This hidden gem is located on the south end of Vancouver. Hang around the River district long enough and you’ll be able to capture an image of the maroon skies over the Fraser River.


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