Coquihalla Summit Provincial Park

Coquihalla – BC Transportation have taken to social media to remind people of the rules of the road… and parking.

In clarifying exactly where adventure seekers CAN and CAN’T park along the Coquihalla. Some parking is impeding facility accessibility and winter maintenance activities.

Here’s a link for more info on that location:

  • Winter Parking – Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area Visitors may notice parking signs at the Highway 5 Zopkios Brake Check area. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure advises there are no new parking restrictions. The previous signs were becoming weathered and required replacement. For safety reasons, the signs are intended to prevent commercial vehicles from parking and congesting the Zopkios Brake Check area which significantly impacts the maintenance contractors ability to operate during storm cycles. Enforcement of parking by passenger vehicles isn’t planned as long as parking does not impede traffic or winter maintenance activities. BC Parks and MOTI are working together to explore long term parking and access improvements at the Coquihalla Summit Recreation Area. Please refer to the following link for some helpful visuals created by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure in an effort to help clarify exactly where adventure seekers CAN and CAN’T park along BC Highway 5, within this area.
    Coquihalla Parking [PDF]
  • December 18, 2020 Trans Mountain Expansion Project Construction Trans Mountain Expansion Project construction is now underway in the Recreation Area. During the winter season visitors may notice workers in the area. In the summer visitors may notice increased construction activities including clearing, grading, heli-logging, trenching and pipe installation. All construction activities have received appropriate permits and authorizations. All trails remain open although short detours may be in place during the summer. Please follow the instructions of any onsite personnel. For more information visit or contact / 1.866.514.6700.
  • Break-ins at the Falls Lake trailhead parking lot Vehicle break-ins occasionally occur in remote parking lots. Visitors are reminded not to leave any valuables in their vehicles, including in glove boxes and center consoles. Instead, leave them at home or carry on your person.
Coquihalla Summit Provincial Park


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