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There’s no doubt that the construction industry has seen a large influx of new software hitting the market over the past few years. Many of those programs, however, mainly appeal to large contractors with an infrastructure built to support the addition of a cumbersome system, while most small to medium sized companies are left behind.

OnTraccr, a new productivity app for construction, is looking to make their software accessible to everyone, by making it as simple and easy to use as possible, while still giving your company the valuable data it needs to survive in our constantly changing industry.

Launched in February of 2021, OnTraccr is starting as a time-tracking app, but plans to expand to much more in the future.  Building its foundation in time tracking is a great place to start, because labor is responsible for a substantial percentage of a business’ costs.

Having a real-time, electronically based time tracking system is not only good for business owners and managers, it’s also good for the hourly workers.  Paper timecards take a lot of time to gather, sort through, and ultimately get people paid.  That can not only reduce the accuracy of paychecks, but it can also put you behind on tracking project costs.

The construction industry has been in a tough job market for years, and easy and accurate time cards and timely paychecks can be a huge factor in retaining the staff that your company has.

How OnTraccr Works

OnTraccr’s mission is to make technology accessible to everybody and their smartphone and web app design reflects that. The layout is clean, the buttons are large, and it avoids any unnecessary information that can lead to confusion.

Using OnTraccr as an Employee

Employees using the app to track their time are met with 4 clearly marked button options: clock in, clock out, take break, and switch (which allows the employee to change projects or job code). Doesn’t get much simpler than that.  The time is then traced in real-time and able to be monitored by the management staff.


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