It’s impossible not to feel some amount of joy when looking at the Smile Stool, right? Launched for Madrid Design Week 2021, the playful piece is all thanks to designer Jaime Hayon and his collaboration with UK furniture brand Benchmark. Whether extra seating is needed or you just want to add something fun, the expressive face will add character and a bit of happiness to your room.

The Smile Stool is crafted in the United Kingdom at Benchmark’s workshops out of solid American cherry with the wood’s natural grain shining through and adding character to the face. The smooth seat is dotted with two round eyes and a smile, which doubles as a carrying handle. Four hand turned legs support the stool, with two poking through the seat to form the eyes.

We must all remember to Smile – it makes us happier, healthier and more hopeful.

– Jaime Hayon

Another point to mention: The Smile Stool has a carbon footprint of (-1.97 kg CO2 equivalent) making it even better than carbon neutral!

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