If you’re on a quest to reduce your stress or if you’re one who appreciates a bit of magic, Flyte has your back with their latest levitating design. Flyte, the same company that brought us the levitating bulb and and levitating planter, is back with a levitating sphere. The Buda Ball is a mesmerizing design featuring a metal sphere that hovers mid-air over a wooden base while aiming to reduce stress levels. A 20mm floating sphere hypnotically rotates in an invisible magnetic field resulting in a soothing effect that reminds us to live in the present moment.

The Buda Ball comes in four version: White base | Black sphere, Black base | Gold sphere, Walnut base | Chrome sphere, and Oak base | Chrome Sphere.

>>> Buy >>> Levitating Buda Ball – White base | Black sphere

>>> Buy >>> Levitating Buda Ball – Black base | Gold sphere

>>> Buy >>> Levitating Buda Ball – Walnut base | Chrome sphere

>>> Buy >>> Levitating Buda Ball – Oak base | Chrome sphere

>>> Check out all of Flyte’s levitating designs in the Design Milk Shop here! <<<


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