in a residential area of miyazaki in japan, n.yamada architect and associates has realized two new houses for three generations of the same family. the design applies a unified approach to the exterior of house awakigahara 01 and 02 but a tailored approach to the interiors to suit the different needs of the two different households.

images by miyuki kaneko of nacasa & partners and tomoki kengaku



house awakigahara 01 is designed for the parents of the family and it echos the traditional japanese architecture of their previous dwelling, which was more than 100 years old and featured a solid timber structure. the parents didn’t want to change their lifestyle too much, therefore, the floor plan of this new construction remains close to their former home.

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on the other hand, house awakigahara 02 is designed for the children and grandchildren. the interior is tailored to match the lifestyle of this younger household while the exterior matches the neighboring parent household. for house awakigahara 02, the clients wanted to live in an open home, as they many friends who like to visit. with this in mind, the entrance is designed as a versatile space, such as a living room, a dining room to eat with friends, a children’s playground, or a pantry to store rice.

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to the right side of the entrance is a space with tatami mats, and the left side is reduced in scale, and it is a private architecture that gathers around a washbasin area and private rooms. it is a simple gabled building with a concrete bench under the eaves on the south side. the house designed different locations under one roof of 100 square meters. it is designed to be linear with the parent’s household, and by arranging a private space on each side to maintain the psychological distance between the households.

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project info:


name: house awakigahara 01 & 02

location: miyazaki, japan

architect: n.yamada architect and associates / yamada nobuhiko

site area: total: 923.8 m2 (house awakigahara 01: 608.28 m2) + (house awakigahara 02: 315.52 m2)

total floor area: total: 230.5 m2 (house awakigahara 01: 141.07 m2) + (house awakigahara 02: 89.43 m2)

year: 2017

photography: miyuki kaneko of nacasa & partners, tomoki kengaku


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edited by: lynne myers | designboom


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