TELUS Custom Security Systems’ 200+ years of acquired-industry experience serves thousands of large national customers across all industry verticals.

Years ago we could say that the smaller a business was, the easier it was to manage. From heating to cooling savings, we could easily control it manually. The good news is: with TELUS automation and security, the largest businesses are also easy to control.

You can find many ways for a business to save on energy costs and secure a lower electric bill. Some of the most popular ways are ensuring proper insulation, adding weather stripping, turning off the lights when not in use, and adjusting the temperature at the end of the work day. 

The easiest way to regulate your temperature is with a thermostat. Smart thermostats understand activity data and use it to prevent energy waste, keep your customers and team comfortable, store supplies and inventory at the right temperature and send you alerts to flag issues. 

TELUS Custom Security Systems has prepared some other useful tips to help you smartly save energy and reduce your bills.

1- Save with “Away” mode.

You can save energy by changing your thermostats to “Away” mode. It turns your heating and cooling down when you don’t need them. Based on your business activities, you can schedule this mode with automatic adjustments.This will deliver substantial energy savings to your business and peace-of-mind to you.

2 – Temperature control.

You can manage your smart thermostat from anywhere with one app. Simple clicks allow you to check or adjust the temperature at your business, switch between modes and alter your cooling and heating schedules at any time.

TELUS Custom Security Systems puts the power in your hands. 

TELUS Custom Security Systems can install remote temperature sensors alongside your smart thermostats. This will allow your thermostats to read the temperature in areas like storerooms or display cases. Alerts are sent to your phone in case the temperature needs to be adjusted.

3 – Restrictions in a click.

You can lock a thermostat and be the only one able to control it with your app or set a minimum and maximum temperature, giving some controlled flexibility to your team. This will prevent your employees from setting temperatures too low or too high. They will be limited to the range that you determine.

4- Alerts when you need them most.

In the case that there are any system issues, you’ll receive an alert from the app, allowing you to take the necessary actions to prevent a bigger issue. A late-night alert indicating system malfunction makes a big impact on preventing an emergency visit from your system repairman. 

5- Tailored solutions for your business.

Your business is unique, so your smart solution should be too. TELUS Custom Security Systems builds tailored automation and security systems to meet your business needs, making things easy for you.

Versatile solutions will help you save time and money by lowering your business’s energy bills. You can count on TELUS Custom Security Systems to design a solution that fits your business needs and budget. Visit to find out more. 



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